Over the past five years, as one of Austin’s daily commuters on Interstate 35 and US Route 183, I’ve watched my rush-hour commute time increase from 30 minutes to an hour one way. I attempted using public transportation as an alternative, but then my commute lasted an astounding two and half hours each way. Our local government must address transportation congestion through increasing roadways, developing a broad-sweeping mobility plan, and preventing the construction of new state-level toll roads in Austin which move money out of the local economy and into private pockets. I plan to take my years of knowledge driving the city streets as an EMT, and use them to help resolve our current traffic and transportation problems. After all, when one knows where all the problem spots are, one knows where any solution to Austin’s overall traffic problem must begin. In electing me to serve District 3, you contribute to a solution for the traffic problem we all face.