Affordability is one of Austin’s most crucial concerns. Due to skyrocketing property appraisals, ever-increasing property taxes, the state’s “Robin Hood” recapture fund, and cuts by the Texas legislature to the state’s education subsidies for local governments, Austinites now pay two to ten times more in property taxes than we did just five years ago. Many of us, particularly those in east Austin, are being priced out of home-ownership in our city. Long-time resident homeowners find themselves financially forced to sell their homes and move into apartments, or worse, onto Austin’s streets or out of Austin all together. Affordable housing is a critical necessity in Austin. If elected, I commit to not voting for anything that increases property taxes until the the state of Texas reforms their recapture funding system for education and contributes more to local primary and secondary education budgets. I’ll fight to ensure that no more Austinites are forced out of their homes by an outrageous annual increase in their property tax. In an effort to help those who have been displaced into homelessness, I’ll work to increase funding and resources for Austin’s ever-growing indigent population, and help develop a plan to expand the Austin Resource Center for the Homeless. Austinites are the city’s most vital resource, and the city council can do more. Help me help us by electing me to the city council.